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            Link: professional, focused, concentrate, paved the road of brand
            Time:2011.01.06 News Sources: Views:

            "Special" people to produce a word can be assured that sense of security by the composition of the "professional", "focus", "focus" often is regarded as a tool to success. "Professional services, manufacturing focus needs to concentrate on," is to promote Like Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co. into a successful business idea. Tempered in the years of wind and rain, Like the expertise, keep abreast of market trends to best suit our customers demand, their own brand of paved road ... ...

            Professional manufacture, to create superior products. "Like" is a company engaged in plastic extrusion machinery and plastic machinery screw, barrel development, production and sales of the Corporation, under which there are on the Hai Like Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. and Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhoushan Like. Like corporate press and the screw under the barrel of product characteristics, with the same industry at home and abroad the most advanced processing equipment and the appropriate testing equipment, while drawing on the essence of technology similar products at home and abroad, the company was first established, into the starting point on the high quality, excellent sound development track.

            Which, XPE product line, new high efficiency single screw extruder host, the host and conical twin-screw extruder and extrusion molding to match the screw barrel is Like the superior products. XPE product line Machinable width of 600-1800mm, thickness 3-15mm of foam products, the foam hole closed, independent, even with non-absorbent, environmentally friendly, fire retardant, insulation, shock absorption, resilience, thermal insulation, separated heat, weather resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, light weight, easy processing, etc., widely used in lining materials, packaging, car upholstery, shoe bags, and medical care and other day with the department store industry. Host of new and efficient single screw extrusion is characterized by: the introduction of the latest German technology, the use of separate type screw and mixing elements to optimize the screw component, the use of grooved barrel and extended barrel feed section of the optimized design, separate type screw and groove through the barrel, in combination, to optimize the material's melting process to improve the extrusion production. Achieve material melt extrusion at lower temperatures. Determined by isolating the shear gap, so that the material to achieve a good homogenization. Of different materials provides a wide range of processing.

            Focus on the demand for customers to create interest. Any one thing, to be successful, can not do without "focus" attitude. Over the years, Like always to meet customer demand, pay attention to the details of excellence in product quality, appearance, service on the perfect product. "Times are changing, customer needs are changing, Like to do is based on market changes and continuously provide customers with high quality, reliable, reasonably priced products to help them maximize profits and business opportunities." Like the sea Miao Yuan, general manager, said the company "Only customers really profitable, we can only be counted a success."

            Concentrate on service, enhance brand value. Services are intangible products, brands and customer relationships to maintain the link, the same can not underestimate its importance. If the comparable brand, products and different, who is the stronger one is better? In this case, the quality of service is likely to become an invaluable asset. Like people deeply understand that, by building their service team, perfect service system, to determine the purpose of such services, is committed to providing customers with the best service. According to Yuan general introduction, Like the after-sales service team accounted for one-third of the number of companies, they have high quality and excellent technology to efficient and effective way for customers to solve production problems, has been subjected to customers.

            "Professional services, manufacturing focus needs to concentrate on" the concept of guiding Like rapidly in a short time to create a unique competitive edge and establish a good brand image. Yuan said, according to the total, open since 2011, orders increased significantly, with sales improvement of 30% or more, often need to work overtime to catch task. Like the current products sold, and one-third of exports to Europe, Asia, Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, North America and other countries and regions. In Chinaplas2011 on, Like the 104 square meter booth attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad come to visit, participants achieved very good results. Yuan said the total, will be booking next year's show bigger Chinaplas booth, use the show to further enhance the company's brand awareness and reputation.

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