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            >Screw and barrel 
            >Extrusion Line 
            >Plastic pipe production line 
            >Plate, sheet production line 
            >Pelletizing production line 
            >Auxiliary equipment 

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            “LINK MACHINERY” is a group Specialized in Development, Production and sales for extrusion equipment. We are always inherit idea of Profession on production, Concentration on demand, devotion to service and dedicated to create one of top class production group in the world.

            Zhoushan Link Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd is branch of Link Group, We are located in Zhoushan separately. Company covers land area 60000 square meters. Our Main products are: Various kind of PVC window profile extrusion line, Wood Plastic profile extrusion line, Various kind of PVC/HDPE/PP Pipe extrusion line, various kind of plastic sheet/plate extrusion line, Various kind of single screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, parallel twin screw extruder and various kind of screw barrel.

            LINK, depending on years Plastic machinery production experience and many excellent technical engineers, on the basis of absorbing advanced technology of home and international Extrusion machine, as well as according to extrusion screw barrel’s characteristics. LINK is strict in production procedure and quality control and equipped with advanced processing equipment and quality control equipment in the field, and it makes company has high start point, high quality in the beginning. Link products are depending on his top quality, excellent after sales service, reasonable price, widely sold in the whole China and more than 20 countries in international market, like Russia, Iran, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Turkey etc. and we get good feedback from buyers.

             “Profession on production, Concentration on demand, devotion to service” is idea of LINK GROUP, “Quality feedback to customer, Service improve quality” is LINK aim, “Seeking for mutual development and mutual benefit” is pursue of LINK .

            LINK always inherits aim of Profession on production, Concentration on demand, devotion to service and put customer’s benefit on first position and pursue.

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