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            >Screw and barrel 
            >Extrusion Line 
            >Plastic pipe production line 
            >Plate, sheet production line 
            >Pelletizing production line 
            >Auxiliary equipment 

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            Characteristics of the equipment:

                The novel & efficient single-screw extruder is developed by our company adopting German latest advanced technology. Screw optimizes composing separate type screw and mixing parts. Barrel optimizes composing groove barrel and lengthened feeding segment. There is advantage as following by using separate type screw and groove barrel together:
                It's optimized during material melting process. Thus get more extrusion throughput.
                It is realized extruding melt material in low temperature.
                Cutting function is caused through separate clearance and it makes material equal well.
                It's controlled during melt plasticization process. Therefore only granules that smaller than separate clearance can enter melt channel.
                Wide manufacture range for different materials. It's suitable for all kind of polyolefin materials and especially for material for HDPE, PP, and ABS pipe.

            Use for Pipe extrusion

            Use for Pipe extrusion

            Use for Profile, Pipe extrusion

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